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Would you forgive someone who has destroyed your life?

On a beautiful summer afternoon in 2015, Bryan Kuck and his wife Lynn were out for a motorcycle ride. On their way home, less than a mile from their house, they were hit by a drunk driver whose blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. Lynn was instantly killed. Bryan was severely injured, with two crushed hips, a broken pelvis, and a left leg amputated after being trapped under the debris.

The drunk driver was charged with murder. During the hearing, Bryan told the court that he and his family had been sentenced to a lifetime in prison. Bryan would spend the rest of his life without his wife and his three sons would grow up without their mother. Then, Bryan turned to the drunk driver and said, „Nevertheless, I forgive you. Without God, we are all lost. I am just a beggar helping another find the bread of life.“

Bryan underwent seventeen surgeries to heal his body, but only one could bring healing to his soul: forgiveness. Anger and bitterness may feel empowering for a while, but they are an emotional cancer that will ultimately destroy you from the inside out. Resentments darken your days, make your nights restless, and hinder your closest relationships.

Forgiveness is like an operation for your soul, filling your heart with hope and peace, empowering you to new life.

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