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Beweise für die Existenz Gottes

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Have you ever wondered:

  • Is there a Creator?
  • If God is real, why do people suffer?
  • What does Easter have to do with the existence of God?
  • If God exists, why does he seem hidden or distant?
  • Can we derive anything about God from scientific knowledge?
  • Does our DNA reveal anything about God as a Designer?
  • Is God personally experiential?

In our focus on the „Evidence for the Existence of God“ family program, we speak with former atheist Lee Strobel. He is a bestselling author and currently the founding director of the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at the Colorado Christian University.

We all long for something greater than ourselves, something that transcends us. As CS Lewis emphasized, our longing for the transcendent is an indication that something transcendent actually exists.

Lee offers believers hope and seekers logic and reason. Some say that God and science don’t mix. But Lee explains how scientific facts actually support claims about the existence of a divine Creator.

Listen to my full conversation with Lee as we address these and other questions. Tune in to your local radio station online Spotify, Apple Podcasts, via Google Podcasts, or take us with you on our free phone app.

Before I close, I’d like to invite you to become a special partner with us through our monthly „Friends of Focus on the Family“ program. If you do, I will send you a copy of Lee Strobel’s book Is God Real?: Exploring the Ultimate Question of Life as a thank you for touching others with the love of Christ. Additionally, you will receive exclusive member benefits. To make your pledge or get more information, click here or call 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

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