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Winston-Salem Dash wird als Hype Hens spielen – SportsLogos.Net News

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Last year, the High-A Winston-Salem Dash was renamed to „Hyphens“ on Salute to Winston-Salem Night as a response to grammar nerds (myself included) pointing out over a decade ago that the punctuation connecting Winston and Salem is actually a hyphen, not a dash.

A year later, the Dash unveiled another alternative identity for their Salute to Winston-Salem 2024: the Hype Hens. While the Hyphens branding in 2023 was as minimalist as it gets with a literal hyphen, the Hype Hens branding in 2024 is more expressive.

The logo features a frantically squawking chicken with limbs akimbo and feathers flying. The vibrant color palette of cyan, red, and brown deviates from the purple and black tones used in the Dash’s main branding.

The Dash will construct a 200-square-foot chicken coop housing five hens, one of which will be named through an online fan vote. Additionally, fans can sponsor a Hype Hen for $100, with proceeds going towards donating hens to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The Hype Hens will take the field on May 10th.

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