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Paul Skenes 7 Strikeouts vs. Storm Chasers

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Paul Skenes versus Omaha Storm Chasers: A True Baseball Showdown

Experience the heat with this video right now (or keep reading below for more):

It was Kids Day at Werner Park, and the first pitch was at 11:05. These kids had no idea they were witnessing a generational talent; a term I despise but will use in honor of today’s NFL Draft #BearDown.

Aside from the kids, there were plenty of old baseball nerds like myself eager to see Paul Skenes, the reigning College World Series champion at LSU and the number one pick in the 2023 MLB Draft.

Skenes signed with the Pirates for a record-breaking $9.2 million signing bonus, the highest of all time.

In his first four Triple-A starts, Skenes allowed only five hits and four walks in 12 2/3 scoreless innings. He struck out 27 batters in those same innings, dominating 57.4% of the batters he faced.

Not only did he meet expectations, he exceeded them.

During the game, Skenes faced off against Zach Davies, who had started 200 MLB games and led the majors in games started in 2017 for the Brewers. A fitting opponent for a showdown on the field.

Skenes struck out seven Chasers in 4.1 innings, showcasing his dominance and control on the mound.

With five pitches in his arsenal, Skenes left hitters guessing and swinging at his powerful throws.

As I sat behind home plate, I could truly appreciate the movement and speed changes in his pitches.

His performance that day was the longest of his Triple-A career, pitching into the fifth inning for the first time.

Will the Pirates bring Skenes up to the majors this season? With his impressive skill set, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t, especially as a competitive addition to the team.

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