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Las Vegas Aviators spielen als Gamblers – SportsLogos.Net News

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Since 1983, the Triple-A franchise playing in Las Vegas, Nevada, has had three nicknames highlighting celebrities, aliens, and the aviation industry. None of these brands have represented what the city is best known for: the gaming industry.

In a promotional video revealing a new alternative identity this week, the team posed the question we’ve all been wondering: „What if instead of Stars, 51s, or Aviators, we took a look back at the essence of what this city was built on? … What if instead of being called what we’ve been for 41 seasons, we can call ourselves what we will be on April 20th?“

On that day, the team will rename themselves the „Las Vegas Gamblers“ for a game, finally acknowledging an industry that brought in over $15 billion to the state last year.

During the unveiling, the team highlighted some details of the identity. The jersey’s sleeve cuffs feature a gold-black pattern resembling the edge of gaming chips. The figure in the logo wears boots with spurs, incorporating elements from the „Welcome to Las Vegas“ sign. And a pair of dice in the logo reveal numbers with two hidden meanings: snake eyes pay homage to 1911, the year the city was incorporated, and a pair of fives can be interpreted as 55 or in Roman numerals as LV representing Las Vegas.

The Gamblers will take the field on Saturday, April 20th.

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