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Was mir mein Ernährungstagebuch in 5 Tagen beigebracht hat

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In this episode, Tina discusses the importance of tracking food and shares insights from her 5-day experience. She emphasizes the importance of measuring what you eat (not just estimating) to improve your nutrition and see progress in body composition.

Tina discusses the following:

  • Understanding that you can’t improve what you don’t measure
  • Tracking everything you consume for five days, including the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Noting the total daily calories
  • Insights and conclusions from her own nutrition audit
  • What really throws her off track with her nutrition goals
  • How a lack of protein at breakfast led to more cravings
  • Her body composition and nutrition goals for this year
  • The importance of tracking on weekends
  • And more…

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Contact Tina Haupert:
Facebook: Karotten und Kuchen
Instagram: Karottenkuchen
Youtube: Tina Haupert
Pinterest: Carrots ‚N‘ Cake Hormontests und Ernährungscoaching

About Tina Haupert:

Tina Haupert is the owner of Carrots ‚N‘ Cake and a certified nutrition coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P).

Tina and her team use functional tests and a personalized nutrition approach to help women find balance in their nutrition while reaching their body composition goals.

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