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Tennessee Titans bringen nach einjähriger Pause hellblaue Alternativtrikots zurück – SportsLogos.Net News

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After retiring them last season to make way for their Houston Oilers retro jerseys, the Tennessee Titans will be bringing back their light blue alternate jerseys for at least one game in 2024.

„The Titans will be wearing the retro Oilers jerseys again in 2024, that I can tell you for starters,“ said team reporter Jim Wyatt recently in a mailbag. „Which games and for how many games is still undecided.

„A year ago, the Titans wore them twice – against the (Houston) Texans and (Atlanta) Falcons – after considering wearing them three times.

„Additionally, the team plans on bringing back the light blue Titans jerseys for at least one game in 2024, barring any manufacturing delays or last-minute change of heart.

„I know a lot of fans enjoyed seeing them, so the plan is to bring them back. The planned jerseys for 2024 will be the Titans‘ navy blue, Titans‘ white, Oilers‘ light blue throwbacks, and Titans‘ Columbia blue.“

As Wyatt mentioned, the Titans honored their roots as the Oilers by wearing the retro jerseys twice in 2023, including a 28-23 victory over the Falcons on October 29 and a 19-16 overtime loss to the Texans on December 17.

They attempted to wear them again during their 28-27 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football on December 11, but the NFL ultimately denied the request.

Teams are only allowed to wear alternative or retro jerseys a total of three times per season, so the light blue jerseys did not make an appearance as Tennessee hoped the league would change their mind.

We have already mentioned that our sources hinted that the Titans would eventually add a white road version of their Oilers throwback jerseys to the rotation, similar to the Dolphins‘ 1966 set.

However, they would have to give up the light blue jerseys again as current league rules only allow for four different jerseys per team per season.

„As far as the white road Oilers jerseys go, there is nothing in the works (for this season),“ said Wyatt. „Perhaps down the road…“

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