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Die schlechtesten Trades in der MLB-Geschichte von WAR

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How Did We Calculate The Worst Trades In MLB History?

We used all future WARs for the players involved, even if someone played for multiple teams. We sifted through many, many trades to compile this list.

We definitely checked Brock, Frank Robinson, Foster, Sosa, Ferguson Jenkins, Randy Johnson, Eckersley, Ozzie, Jimmie Foxx, Cochrane, Tris Speaker, and Miguel Cabrera, among many others.

1. Babe Ruth for Cash and a Curse

142 future WAR in exchange for 0. This trade is unmatched, with no other player-for-cash trade coming close, even if one team received nothing in return for the player.

Netted the Angels 83 WAR.

Netted the Reds 82.2 WAR.

Netted the Cubs 67.0 WAR. Certainly one of the worst MLB trades in history.

Netted the Braves 60.1 Net-WAR.

Netted Cleveland 58.6 WAR.

Netted the Astros 76.1 WAR.

Netted the Expos 68.4 WAR.

Netted the Phillies 46.7 WAR.

13. Dennis Eckersley for David Wilder, Brian Guinn, and Mark Leonette.

The Cubs thought Eckersley was past his prime and traded him for three minor league players. None of them ever made it to the majors.

If there’s a worst trade in MLB history that we’ve forgotten, is it really your GOAT? Leave us a comment below.

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