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Manchester City ehrt seine Wurzeln mit dem Heimtrikot 2024-25 – SportsLogos.Net News

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The English Premier League giant Manchester City, in collaboration with Puma, aims to establish a connection with its fans and roots through its new home jersey for 2024–25.

The jersey was unveiled on Thursday, May 16, on Man City’s website and social media channels. It features a solid sky blue color with a navy blue collar and sleeve cuffs, incorporating an abstract pattern with the Manchester area code, 0161.

Courtesy of Manchester City FC

The 0161 of Manchester is more than just an area code. It can be seen written on lampposts, printed on t-shirts, and even tattooed on people. It’s a sense of what it means to be a Mancunian – a feeling for the place, no matter where in the world you are.


The back of the collar also features „CITY“ woven in white. Each side of the jersey has a diagonal navy blue panel. Sponsor logos on the chest and sleeve are in white, as well as the Puma logo on the chest.

„Our jerseys give us the opportunity each year to engage with our fans in Manchester, the UK, and worldwide as jerseys and broader kit collections become an increasingly popular sign of fandom,“ said City’s Director of Integrated Fan Experience, Retail, and Licensing, Serena Gosling, in the announcement.

„By incorporating ‚0161‘ into this year’s home jersey – something that resonates so strongly with the city of Manchester – we are able to connect fans around the world with the club and our city in a different way.“

City also released a new goalkeeper jersey on Thursday, featuring a light brown and olive green pattern on a dark brown base. Sponsor logos and the club crest are in a light pink tone.

The announcement did not specify when the jerseys would make their on-field debut, but that could be during the summer preseason matches. Both the men’s and women’s teams of Man City are contending for their respective league titles ahead of the season finale this weekend.

The men’s team needs a win against West Ham United to secure the Premier League title, while the women’s team is level on points with Chelsea in the FA Women’s Super League table but trails due to goal difference going into the final match of the season against Aston Villa.

Section M.21 of the Premier League Handbook allows clubs to wear the kits for the next season in the final home or away match of the current season, provided the club notifies the league and their opponents at least 14 days in advance and the kit is properly registered with the league for the next season.

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