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McDonald's übernimmt 2024-25 die Namensrechte für die französische Ligue 1 – SportsLogos.Net News

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In an exciting fusion of fast food and football, McDonald’s will now be the title sponsor of France’s top domestic league starting from the 1st of July, 2024. The Ligue de Football Professionnel (LPF), overseeing France’s Ligue 1, recently announced a three-year contract with the Big Mac supplier to become the league’s title partner. Describing the partnership as the convergence of two iconic institutions deeply ingrained in the daily lives and collective imagination of the French, a press release stated.

Courtesy of LFP

Through this new partnership, LFP continues its efforts to enhance the Ligue 1 brand, making it even more cohesive. With its nationwide network of 1,560 restaurants, McDonald’s will enable Ligue 1 to connect with its fans across the country. Additionally, the international dimension of its title sponsor will bring additional growth drivers beyond its borders.

— Ligue de Football Professionnel

Uber Eats had been sponsoring Ligue 1 since the 2020–21 season. Although the value of the deal with McDonald’s was not disclosed, reports earlier this month estimated it to be between 60 and 90 million euros over the three years.

The McDonald’s logo is expected to appear alongside the Ligue 1 logo on jersey patches and other official league materials.

Ligue 1 sleeve patch with the Uber Eats logo. With the new naming rights agreement, McDonald’s logos are expected to be seen on the patches from 2024/25 onwards. Courtesy of Ebay

„At a time when the enthusiasm for Ligue 1 has never been higher, especially with record attendance in stadiums, having an international brand like McDonald’s join the home of French professional football sends a strong signal of the league’s appeal,“ said LPF President Vincent Labrune. „This significant agreement marks the union of two popular and accessible worlds, which are deeply intertwined for many supporters. Our goal is to offer numerous activities with McDonald’s aimed at fans and all French people accustomed to visiting its restaurants. This new agreement also signifies the end of a great collaboration with Uber Eats as the title sponsor of Ligue 1. I would like to express my particular thanks to the management of Uber Eats France for their trust and support.“

As per the LPF press release, McDonald’s franchisees across France support over 400 youth, amateur, women’s, and professional football teams.

„McDonald’s and Ligue 1 are a partnership that makes perfect sense. Whether with family or friends, there are always many fans of Ligue 1 clubs who associate a McDonald’s moment with a Ligue 1 matchday. Building on this close connection, we aim to enable even more football fans to fully embrace their passion,“ said Jacques Mignault, President of McDonald’s France. „We have many projects and ideas to bring this partnership to life over the next three years and throughout the territory. For over 40 years, our franchisees have been loyal and committed partners enabling amateur sports clubs to develop and carry out their projects. Of particular interest to us is providing young amateur athletes with unforgettable experiences as part of this new partnership. Indeed, we aspire to be a real link between professional football and amateur sports at our level.“

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