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Ep223: Der Einfluss von Toxinen auf Gesundheit und Hormone mit Naomi Altman, FDN-P

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In this episode, Tina talks to Carrots ‚N‘ Cake practitioner and coach Naomi Altman, FDN-P, about the truth behind everyday toxic ingredients that appear in our daily lives and negatively impact our health and hormones. Naomi explains the concept of „toxic burden,“ along with some associated symptoms, and highlights what to consider and avoid in our body care and cleaning products. She also offers simple steps for a toxin-free lifestyle.

Naomi discusses:

  • Her story and what led her to functional medicine
  • What toxic load is and how it affects our health
  • How chemicals mimic and disrupt our hormones
  • Common symptoms of toxic overload
  • Key chemical ingredients to watch for and avoid
  • Easy steps and cost-free solutions for a toxin-free life
  • Her favorite body care and cleaning brands
  • Her superpower and favorite health hack

Contact Tina Haupert:

Carrots ‚N‘ Cake Website

Facebook: Carrots and Cake

Instagram: Carrots and Cake

Youtube: Tina Haupert

Pinterest: Carrots ‚N‘ Cake Hormone Tests and Nutrition Coaching

About Tina Haupert:

Tina Haupert is the owner of Carrots ‚N‘ Cake and a certified nutrition coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). Tina and her team use functional testing and a personalized nutrition approach to help women find balance in their diet while achieving their body composition goals.

Connect with Naomi:

Keep It Clean Naomi Website

Facebook: Naomi Keep It Clean Group

Instagram: keepitcleannaomi

Pinterest: keepitcleannaomi

About Naomi Altman:

Naomi is a functional diagnostic nutrition consultant with a passion for helping women navigate perimenopause seamlessly. Feeling tired and fearing aging, she took matters into her own hands to help herself and her clients gain energy by understanding what was happening in their bodies and seeking a path to healing. With a particular focus on the impact of toxins on our health, she can help women age gracefully and embrace it rather than fear it!

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