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Sharing my current winter skincare routine, from luxurious moisturizers to exfoliating masks, using safer products.

Hello friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? I hope you had a great one. We were with a few friends in Phoenix and spent our annual stay at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess. We also saw Ballet Arizona’s Nutcracker and it was BEAUTIFUL. I’ll definitely be sharing some pictures of the adventures in Friday Faves! I’ve just added the winners of this year’s „Favorite Things“ giveaway here.

In today’s post, I’m sharing my winter skincare routine!

With the colder air outside (I live in Arizona after all!) and dry indoor heating, my skin loses its natural moisture, making it prone to dryness in the winter months; therefore, adjusting my skincare routine during this time of year is key to maintaining a healthy, happy complexion.

The first step is a gentle cleanser that removes makeup and impurities without drying it out. Next, I use my beloved antioxidant-packed Vitamin C serum and a moisturizing cream with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to lock in moisture and repair the skin barrier.

In addition, a weekly exfoliation with a gentle scrub or chemical peel can slough off dead skin cells and provide a radiant glow. I rotate between my favorite masks listed below.

Finally, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen also provides protection from harmful UV rays on cloudy days. That’s my go-to.

This is what my winter skincare routine looks like. It evolves and changes over time with new products I find or love, but these are many of my tried-and-true favorites.

My Winter Skincare Routine

Cleansers and Serums

Exfoliants and Masks



Read my full review of the HigherDOSE red light facial mask here.


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