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Was ist in meiner Reisetasche?

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A brief beauty-related post to lighten the mood – I’m on the verge of becoming an eye-blogger. There are still two or three posts on eye laser treatments to come, and who knows what other eye-related topics I can write about afterwards?

Sunglasses? Eyelash growth serums? I’m sure the world is literally at my feet.

Here are a few things that almost always accompany me in my travel bag – little things that I find useful or that save space. Most of my travels are domestic and last for one or two nights, so it’s almost a competition with myself to see how small and light I can make my luggage. If I can fit everything into a large handbag (e.g. a spare pair of underwear, a cotton nightdress, and a few toiletries), then I’m really, really happy with life. Then off we go – there’s also a video further down the page for those who like to have a voice in the background while doing the dishes…

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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Capsules

These are the biggest space savers – serums in capsules. Toss two of these into your makeup bag and the treatment part of your skincare routine is done. Arden makes these in different forms – Vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and a barrier-strengthening product, so there’s something for every concern. I love these. The Retinol products are currently on a spectacular offer. Get it here*.

Sali Hughes Daily Exfoliator

This daily exfoliator is a new addition to my travel bag. It’s very gentle but with regular use, it gives a wonderful glow and helps keep my skin clear. The large bottle has a great price. Find it online here*.

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