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Unsere Freundin und geschätzte Kollegin Sue Johnson

von NFI Redaktion

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Sue Johnson at the age of 76 due to cancer. She was a close friend of ours and a valued colleague. We deeply loved her. Sue provided profound insights on how to create connection and security in close relationships. She eloquently illuminated the logic of emotions using attachment theory and how they, once revealed, can serve as a guide to our interpersonal needs within the context of a loving, secure harbor, leading a couple towards enduring love.

From the beginning, Sue developed a theory on adult romantic relationships which she empirically tested. She combined the best qualities of a healer with those of a scientist and could communicate her findings poetically and lyrically. When some couples did not progress in applying her emotionally focused therapy, she revisited the data and revealed that in most cases, there was a regrettable incident that led to a breach of attachment, and demonstrated that healing this breach enhanced the efficacy of therapy. The fusion of scientific rigor guided by clinical intuition was unparalleled.

The three of us engaged in deep conversations about the dance of love and how to conduct further studies on its choreography. Years ago, Sue participated in a summit conference at the Gottman Institute, which was one of our best. She was always willing to share her insights. In simplest terms, we had a society of mutual admiration.

For Sue, relational synchrony could transform into a beautiful dance that allowed a couple’s imagination and intimacy to flourish. Sue Johnson unveiled a vital source of love and connection that could heal and foster secure attachment. What a meaningful life she led.

We will deeply miss her.

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