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Change the way you TRAVEL - make it FAIR!

Change the way you TRAVEL – make it FAIR and become ambassador for Sustainable Tourism!

Journeys change the environment, the economy and the people living in the destinations. But every journey also changes the traveller who gains new impressions and experiences.

2016 we offered out Youth Ambassador programme for the first time. Teenagers from Austria, Senegal and Togo were invited to learn about sustainable tourism during workshops and to discuss different issues during our Peer-to-Peer exchange.

As “Youth Ambassadors for Sustainable Travel”, they now spread the word about fair travelling within their networks. Using different social media channels, the groups created great projects that will help people to understand the issues within sustainable tourism:

Carina, Celine, Saskia, Tabea & Veronika:

Anna & Nadja:



For the creative contributions from our participants, they will receive a boat tour from  Naturefriends Stockerau and and a special gift box from Sonnentor. Thanks Naturfriends Stockerau and Sonnentor for your great support!

We will offer the workshops again in 2017! Stay tuned for further information.

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