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Thunder ehrt Fledermaushunde mit Goldens im Wechsel – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Trenton Thunder, a member of the College Summer League MLB Draft League, will pay tribute to their tradition of bat dogs with the team’s first alternate identity in six years. The Thunder will play two games as the Trenton Goldens, a tribute to the family of Golden Retrievers that have served the team for over a decade.


The team’s first bat dog, Chase, gained international fame after appearing on several TV networks in the US and Japan. His retirement party in 2013 won Minor League Baseball’s „Promo of the Year“ award. The family tradition continued as Chase passed on the bat dog duties to his son Derby, who then passed them on to Derby’s son Rookie and Rookie’s cousin Dash.

„We are incredibly proud of our unique Batdog tradition,“ said Jon Bodnar, General Manager of Trenton Thunder. „The Trenton Goldens are an opportunity to celebrate these beloved puppies and the joy they bring to our stadium.“

The logo features a Golden Retriever – a southpaw, based on the depiction – wielding a bat against the archenemy of a dog, a fire hydrant. Golden lettering is embellished with a tell-tale swish pattern and the G of Goldens is used as a cap logo.


The Goldens will take the field on June 26 with a bat dog celebration and on August 18 with a Bark-in-the-Park day.

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