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Körperpflegeroutine für den Winter – Estée Lalonde

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Winter is the perfect time for indulging in my body care rituals. When I’m feeling a bit „run down“ in the winter, I make sure to take my time with my body care and pamper it:

One of my favorite rituals is dry brushing, especially during this time of year when everything feels a bit rough and dry. It’s so beneficial for exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, and increasing energy and circulation, which are much needed during the winter!

I also love using a body scrub. My go-to is BUFF by MIRROR WATER, but I don’t always combine dry brushing and scrubbing on the same day, especially in the winter when my skin is a bit more sensitive.

Fake tan is a lifesaver for me in the winter. From December to March, I feel ghostly and will do anything to avoid it. While I would love to get a natural tan, it’s nearly impossible in London during the winter unless I’m constantly jetting off somewhere, which is unsustainable for the planet (and my wallet). Instead, Isle of Paradise fake tan has been my top choice. I love the glow it gives me, it’s not streaky or orange!

I enjoy combining my tan with shiny body oils and balms, both from MIRROR WATER (SMOOTH and RUB), because they make me shine! SMOOTH is my go-to in the winter because it makes me look radiant. It has a non-greasy formula, perfect for the winter as it doesn’t get messy under all my layers! And I always have RUB with me in the winter. It’s just the perfect little balm for all my dry, cracked areas that seem to appear miraculously in the winter. Again, it’s not greasy at all, so I can keep it super practical in my bag or on my desk without worrying about an oily keyboard!

Lastly, I naturally love a hot bath to warm up the cockles. My baths always include the bath salt SOAK from MIRROR WATER, a beautiful bath oil like Susanne Kaufmann’s „Bath for the Senses,“ and of course a candle: Currently, my favorite is the Kush candle from Boy Smells.

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