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Fünf Dinge, die ich liebe – Estée Lalonde

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Relaxing Baths

When discussing favorite self-care rituals, a relaxing bath is always at the top of the list for Estée Lalonde. There’s something truly soothing about soaking in a tub filled with oils, salts, and luxurious soaps. Recently, Lalonde has been enjoying a variety of new products that have elevated her bath time experience. At the forefront is Soak, a popular creation from MIRROR WATER. The scent of Soak evokes the feeling of being in the midst of a forest, with aromas of Canadian black spruce and bergamot. Lalonde also raves about the Binu-Binu soaps and the hair wash from Sans Ceuticals. Additionally, she highly recommends the bath essences from Susanne Kaufman, naming the Herbal Whey Bath Soak, Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath, and body butter as her personal favorites for a post-bath indulgence.

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