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Zur Verteidigung schlechter Amtsführung

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I will not list all the polarizing topics that are debated on the internet because the day does not have enough time and I usually try to avoid thinking about things that make me want to drink paint thinner. There are so few issues that people can agree on that we need at least one evil force to unite against, and that force, my friends, is the current administration.

Until zombies or hostile aliens arrive, officials are the only sect of society that everyone can hate at will. Zebras know they are generally despised, and as long as no one gets hurt, it’s all in good fun.

Just watch this clip of the debacle between the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons last night and tell me that incompetence doesn’t make your blood boil.

I agree with you, Monty Williams, that was a „horror,“ but what would we have to talk about without it today? You can only read so many trade rumors about Justin Fields before words lose their meaning.

There’s not much left in this world that we can detest without feeling ashamed. Uber Eats had to remove a peanut allergy joke from its Super Bowl ad because apparently it’s not okay to joke about other people’s allergies? I have a dislike for saving defensive penalties. When will the NFL make sure I never have to see that again?

Fans from Little League to the Bundesliga loathe inconsistent calls and blatantly missed plays. However, it’s not like people are genetically predisposed to be referees, gatekeepers, or rule enforcers. They chose this profession, and frankly, if your life’s goal is to be a paid advocate, I kind of don’t like you.

Can I condone violence or threats against officials? No, only if the threats remain anonymous or stay civil. The last thing I want is for the world to be rid of referees. That’s some Nazi stuff, and did any member of the Third Reich ever think about what would have kept Germany together if Hitler had completely exterminated his enemy? Internal strife, no cohesion, very little unified marching. Yeah, you didn’t think about that, did you? Nazis, I swear to God, man.

What’s the solution for fans demanding accountability? Ban the offender and bring in a less experienced replacement or, worse, use a robot? Think about the plethora of penalties missed in every sport, and now think about how long a game would last if every serve, every lane violation, and every contact outside of the ball was called.

Being a referee is a thankless job, so they shouldn’t be held accountable because they are rarely acknowledged when they have a good night. A reigning team can be flawless for 47 minutes and 45 seconds, but if they lose concentration for a moment, coaches and players will march them through the post-game presser as if they had committed third-degree murder. Earlier this year, Sacramento Kings coach Mike Brown literally brought a Presentation Tool to the post-gameto show what the referees did wrong.

If a general manager were to present a PowerPoint after a tough loss about a coach’s questionable rotations, challenges, and play calls, we would act badly. Yet fans do that every night with the referees, and the officials have the courage to show up again on Tuesday and foul Chris Paul out of another game.

So, the next time you want to vilify a game official, go ahead and thank the god who gave you the right to tell another person to „eat sh*t!“ without remorse.

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