Home Sport Zeit für FS1, etwas gegen Skip Bayless, „Undisputed“ zu unternehmen

Zeit für FS1, etwas gegen Skip Bayless, „Undisputed“ zu unternehmen

von NFI Redaktion

Skip Bayless‘ „Undisputed“ has been on a rough patch since the departure of NFL Hall of Famer and current ESPN „First Take“ analyst Shannon Sharpe. The new crew of Bayless, including former NFL stars, rappers, and a highly respected media personality, has not been able to captivate the nation like Skip & Shannon did for so many years. But now, after seeing Skip’s vision for the „New Undisputed,“ it’s time for FOX Sports and FS1 to step up and reel Bayless back in.

Admittedly, it’s not working anymore. However, it must be said that this show has become less irritating than watching ESPN call the shots and lead the competition in the other show where Bayless once played, Stephen A. Smith, and especially his merry band of misfits seem to have the right formula since Sharpe joined last fall.

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