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Worüber sprachen Roger Goodell und Taylor Swift vor dem Spiel?

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Just when we thought we were almost out of the conspiracy business, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pulls us back in. For many Americans stuck in the NFL orbit, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are the Mr. and Mrs. Smith of the NFL, existing solely as a partnership to meet the NFL’s cultural interests.

Ever since their first appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs home game against the Chicago Bears on September 24, football fans have been engaged in a series of elaborate NFL Illuminati discussions about the relationship between Kelce and Swift. Of course, no conspiracy can thrive without the involvement of superiors.

Many had mostly set aside their Pepe Silvia mentality until Goodell and Taylor Swift were spotted chatting in a luxury box just before kickoff on Sunday. While it’s amusing to imagine the NFL as a KGB-like cultural agency with this kind of appeal, it’s also highly unlikely, unless Goodell has been pretending to be a socially inept punching bag.

Currently, I’m listening to Rob Reiner’s and Soledad O’Brien’s „Who Killed JFK“ podcast, which puts me in a bind, so just play along. The last time The Commish had a prominent appearance with a Super Bowl NPC was when he sat next to Russell Wilson at consecutive Super Bowls. Several months later, Wilson was transferred to the Denver Broncos. Quite intriguing. Wilson’s inability to perform serves as the backdrop for the year in Swift and Kelce.

I can’t claim to know whether The Commish and Taylor engaged in meaningful small talk or if he was there to finalize the next phase of their plan, but diving into the darkest corners of their thoughts, they may have talked about it, but probably not.

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