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WNBA enthüllt Logo für All-Star-Spiel 2024 in Phoenix – SportsLogos.Net News

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The 2024 WNBA All-Star Game is returning to Phoenix for the third time; the league has unveiled the logo for the event today.

The logo features a color scheme of purple, fire orange, and mandarin and incorporates typical Arizona event design elements including desert landscape, triangles, and other indigenous motifs, as well as a sun/sunset motif.

The design elements were inspired by the fact that it’s the third time the game is being held in Phoenix. The three desert peaks, three cactus stems in the valley, and three triangles underneath each side of the wordmark all reflect this third occurrence in Phoenix.

2024 WNBA All-Star Game Primary Logo

The star design in the logo is reminiscent of the star on the state flag of Arizona. Geometric shapes are drawn from indigenous patterns, and a river flowing towards a mountain is a reference to „The Valley“. The color scheme is based on the WNBA logo and those used by the host Phoenix Mercury.

Two additional logos, classified as „secondary“ and „partial“ logos, complement the primary brand with similar colors and themes.

2024 WNBA All-Star Game Secondary Logo

2024 WNBA All-Star Game Partial Logo

The partial logo, featuring a repeating star pattern and a basketball player silhouette, exudes a 1970s vibe.

Looking back at the history of the WNBA All-Star Game logos, we can see the evolution of design from the first edition in New York in 1999 to the present day.

Despite the continuity of font usage, the evolution of WNBA All-Star Game logos better reflects the spirit of the event and the changing design trends through the years.

The 2024 WNBA All-Star Game is set to take place on July 20th at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Ticket sales will commence later this month.

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