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Wissen Sie, wann Sie sie festhalten müssen

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Ask a 15-year-old if they know spoiled children, and they will likely give you many examples (perhaps with a hint of envy): a friend whose parents gave her a $2,000 shopping spree, another who bought a car at 16… you get the idea. But if you are parents of a newborn, don’t worry, at least not yet. You can’t spoil a baby.

Contrary to popular belief, experts in child development say it is impossible for parents to hold or respond too much to a baby. Infants need constant attention to provide the foundation for emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

„A challenge for newborns is to realize that the world is somehow reliable and trustworthy and that their basic needs are being met,“ says J. Kevin Nugent, Director of the Brazelton Institute at Children’s Hospital in Boston and child psychologist.

Responding to the baby’s signals is not about spoiling them, it is about meeting their needs. When your baby cries – and the average infant cries for about three hours a day in the first three months, even more with colic – it’s not because they are trying to manipulate you. They cry because they are hungry, tired, lonely, or uncomfortable, and it is their only way to communicate.

According to Dr. Barbara Howard, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, babies only learn around nine months that they can cry to get something for them. Before that, they are just expressing their needs.

If your baby is crying, try soothing strategies like rocking them in a rocking chair, gentle stroking or patting, swaddling them in a blanket, singing or speaking soothingly, playing soft music, carrying them, or taking them for a relaxing car ride.

By responding to a baby’s cries, parents are not only addressing the child’s physical needs but also helping them develop a sense of security, which contributes to independence, confidence, and happiness later in life.

Experts encourage close physical contact with infants through techniques like kangaroo care, which provides numerous benefits for both premature and full-term babies. Holding a baby close helps regulate their body temperature, calms them, aids in breathing and heart rate regulation, promotes weight gain, and fosters faster growth.

Carrying babies in a sling or carrier also promotes bonding, interaction, and language development. Speaking to the baby while carrying them helps enhance their language understanding and expression.

While it is essential to hold and respond to a baby’s needs in the first few months, parents should also gradually introduce sleep routines and patterns around four months of age to regulate the baby’s internal clock. Spoiling a newborn by giving in to their needs is not a concern. Babies can only benefit from the love and care their parents provide.

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