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Wir stellen vor: Vitality – Der Fitnessista

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Vitality is an incredible wellness program designed for burnt-out moms who desire more joy, optimal health, and vitality in their lives. Hello friends! Happy Thursday! I hope you have been enjoying the week so far. It’s been good over here. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day as a family and are looking forward to a fun adventure this weekend. Today, I am excited to extend an invitation to my signature group coaching program – called „Vitality“ – which kicks off on February 25th. It is a self-paced program allowing you to learn at your own speed, spread your wings, and soar. Additionally, weekly calls will be held for you to share your experiences, connect with other program participants, and ask questions. Or, you can opt for a trial that includes two basic at-home lab tests along with two calls with me to review your results and create a personalized action plan. Check out all the details here.

I really wanted to create something new with my IHP certifications, and as I thought about who I wanted to serve, I thought of a previous version of myself. I had young children, was completely overwhelmed, and felt as internally unwell as I had in a long time. I’ve made tremendous progress on my personal health journey, especially in recent years. While I do share part of my life on the internet, it’s certainly not the whole story, and I’ve experienced various hurdles and obstacles over the years. (I want to hug that version of myself, I had a great mindset, but I was struggling internally in so many different ways.) I am here to tell you that I understand exactly how it feels…

Waking up after a full night’s sleep feeling completely exhausted Being irritable, anxious, and moody all day Wanting to scream… but keeping it inside Having no libido and feeling like a shell of yourself Suffering from terrible PMS symptoms, heavy cycles, and dreadful cramps Tossing and turning all night with anxious thoughts and being unable to stop the spinning wheels Feeling like you need caffeine and sugar to make it through the day Feeling completely frustrated because you exercise, eat well, and do not see any performance or physical improvements Feeling completely exhausted on all fronts… but muscling through the days and knowing so many others are relying on you If you feel this way, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. There are so many women out there going through the same thing. And I am also here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine how amazing it would feel to wake up energized and ready to tackle the day. You would have the foundation for your health, optimal energy, happiness, a calm and positive mood, your ideal body composition, improved strength, radiant skin, and a success-driven mindset. You could stop taking supplements your body doesn’t need and follow an action plan to FINALLY get results. Let’s tackle this together!!!

In Vitality, we cover next-level strategies to help you find the most vibrant, centered, and balanced version of yourself. No more constant scrambling and still feeling like you’re never doing enough. These are all strategies that can support optimal health right now. We’ll go through all the basics I had to work through to overcome these obstacles, including:

  • Nutrition (Not calories or macros, but how much protein you need, important nutrients lacking in mothers, and how to incorporate them into your diet, eating for blood sugar balance, and how fiber influences hormones)
  • Vitality also includes a sample meal guide and a recipe package for happy hormones
  • Stress management – EVERYTHING is related to stress and can affect our immune system, digestion, cortisol levels, inflammation, mood, and metabolism. How do we mitigate the impact of stress? I break down concrete strategies you can apply in real life.
  • Toxin removal: My favorite brands, liver health, grocery shopping tips, and detoxification strategies to make you feel all-around well
  • Sleep: How to maximize bedtime, go to bed, and sleep, bedtime routines, so you can recover and recharge for each day
  • Strength training: How to create a solid workout plan, include important exercises, and how strength training can protect our metabolism long-term Vitality also includes a comprehensive fitness program
  • Mindset and Spirituality: We will cover everything in this module, including my personal routine, how to align with your deeper self and purpose, gratitude, self-assurance, and relationships

This is Vitality. If you just want to use the modules to learn and participate in the live calls, you can sign up here. If you are ready for the complete package, you can sign up here for the modules + lab function tests. With this version of Vitality, you will receive a hair tissue mineral analysis and candida, metabolic, and vitamin tests, so we can uncover toxins, balance deficiencies, and bring your unique body into balance together. With this version, you will also get two 1:1 conversations with me to review your results and create an action plan, plus a follow-up conversation to make adjustments if necessary. For 1:1 work with me, the typical cost is approximately $1,200 + test costs for three months. You get two calls, the tests (valued at $800), and all Vitality modules to support your journey for $797. The price will go up to $997 this Sunday! I am also offering a payment plan here.

From now on, you have access to the Vitality materials, and this is also the *Hub* where I will add bonus resources and videos for my 1:1 clients. Early Action Bonuses: Two early action bonuses: If you sign up within the next 48 hours, you will receive a recipe guide and hormone health food package as a bonus. These are filled with nutritious recipes to support optimal hormone function and are already waiting for you on the platform. You will also be entered into a draw for a FREE Big 5 Labs test (5 functional labs valued at $2,000) as well as 4 free months of 1:1 coaching with me. Invest in your well-being and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. You deserve to feel empowered, energized, and vibrantly alive. Find all the details here. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’d be happy to help! xo Gina.

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