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Wir müssen über die hässlichen neuen MLB-Trikots reden

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You’ve probably seen the images of MLB players posing in jerseys and pants that look more like toilet paper draped on a human figure. These uniforms are designed by Nike and manufactured by Fanatics, who are doing a great job of dominating the sports merchandising market in terms of quality and appearance.

Before we delve into that, let’s take a look at the said jerseys and what’s causing all the commotion. Here’s the Mariners‘ catcher, Cal Raleigh, graciously modeling them for us:

Seeing this, my first thought was, „What happens if it rains?“ And if you immediately thought of George Costanza pulling the Yankees‘ polyester-cotton uniforms out of the trash, then you had the right answer.

First, the new jerseys have something that just looks… cheap. They resemble the type you’d buy from a guy outside the baseball stadium. If you’re not someone who’s inclined toward jersey development, you may not pinpoint exactly what looks off. Helpful Twitter user @TheBobbyMullins pointed out that the names on the back of the jerseys are much smaller, and all the blank space never looks good.

The Oriole player stated, „I think the performance wear might feel good, but the look resembles a faux jersey from TJMaxx.“ Taylor Ward of the Angels mentioned that the new jerseys „looked like a replica“ and the pants „felt a bit like paper.“ Overall, the consensus seems to be that many players aren’t fans of the new uniforms.

While players are figuring out how to wear these without revealing too much, fans have had some pretty funny reactions. Craig Calcaterra humorously commented that the names of players on the back of the jerseys are nearly invisible, while sponsors‘ patches are visible from the International Space Station.

If you want to buy the same jerseys the players are wearing on the diamond, it’ll set you back a cool $400 or so. It remains to be seen what it would cost to get a pair of the pants, but there are definitely people who want to sport these outfits. The good news is that Nike/Fanatics signed a 10-year deal with MLB in 2019, so we have years of shenanigans like this to look forward to. Play ball!

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