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Wie ich die Weinkultur hinter mir ließ

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Get my latest free gift that delves into my departure from wine culture, including finding joy in sobriety and my favorite recipes for alcohol-free mocktails.

How I Ditched Wine Culture

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful long weekend and enjoying the day. For today’s post, I wanted to share a freebie I created for you all, focusing on how I’ve been able to gradually reduce my wine consumption over time.

It used to be a regular occurrence for me to have two to three glasses of wine every evening. However, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t sleeping well and constantly woke up feeling exhausted.

In today’s society, wine culture is deeply ingrained in our social lives. From casual get-togethers to formal events, there always seems to be a reason to uncork a bottle of wine. There’s also a significant „mommy wine culture.“ I heard so many mothers in real life and on social media talking about how they use alcohol to cope with parenthood… and that was a red flag for me. Sure, I enjoyed the warm and cozy feeling a glass (or two) of wine gave me. But I didn’t need it to enjoy life, connect with others at parties, or savor time with my kids. So, I decided to drink much less.

I was once deeply entrenched in this culture but began to question its impact on my health and happiness. This is the story of how I liberated myself from it, and now I enjoy wine so much more. It’s a rare treat, not a habit.

How I Left Wine Culture Behind

In my latest downloadable freebie, you’ll find:

  • My journey in recognizing my alcohol habits
  • The decision to reduce regular wine consumption
  • Strategies for cutting down on alcohol intake
  • Finding joy in semi-sobriety
  • Discovering mocktails and some of my favorite recipes


How I Ditched Wine Culture

Disclaimer: Please note that if you suspect you have an alcohol problem, it’s important to seek the help you deserve to recover. We recommend consulting a therapist or doctor for advice and support.

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