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Werden die Steelers Kenny Pickett oder Mason Rudolph wählen?

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have completed a season in which they won ten games and made the playoffs by playing three different quarterbacks. While a one-and-done postseason may not sound like an accomplishment, given the offensive struggles, it was much better than expected for this team. Considering the difficulties at the QB position in 2023, it’s odd to hear that the Steelers likely won’t pursue another experienced QB to compete for the starting role next season.

Kenny Pickett was selected as Ben Roethlisberger’s successor, but the transition hasn’t been as smooth as head coach Mike Tomlin and the front office had hoped. Now, the organization seems to be facing a split in loyalties after Mason Rudolph led the team to a 3-0 record as a starter at the end of the year, securing a playoff spot for Pittsburgh. Even Big Ben added fuel to this fire in December when he commented on his time as Rudolph’s teammate.

Entering a New Era of NFL Football

This franchise is known for defense and ball control. While the defense is still on track, gone are the days when they could rely solely on their defense week in and week out. They need a quarterback who can put the team in tight spots multiple times every season, someone who can make plays even in the worst circumstances. It doesn’t have to be a top-five type, but someone in the range of 10 to 15, who can work with an outstanding defense and a solid running game, can take you far.

It will be challenging to make the playoffs with the same formula that Tomlin and his team used in 2023. And in the tough AFC North division and a deep conference, having a QB you can rely on in every game is even more crucial. If the franchise members are divided on Pickett and Rudolph, it’s difficult to look ahead to the 2024 campaign with confidence.

There are some experienced names available, but there’s no guarantee they will be the answer. If Pittsburgh isn’t considering bringing in an experienced arm, they must be sure they have the man they need already in-house. Whether Rudolph or Pickett, one of them needs to step up and steal the spotlight, leaving no doubt that Tomlin is moving forward.

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