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Wer ist der beste Point Guard in der NBA?

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Brunson is starting to resemble the second coming of Chris Paul, but without the bad attitude. He is elevating his teammates at a pace even his former teammate Dončić can’t claim, adding a next-man-up mentality to the Knicks‘ strong roster amid numerous injuries. He seamlessly fits in with any lineup, as the team has traded its entire young core for veterans without missing a beat. What makes Brunson exceptional is his footwork in the game, his increasingly deadly three-point shooting (40.3%), and his relentless drive to improve. This season, his career-high scoring average of 27.1 PPG ranks seventh in the NBA, and his 6.5 APG ranks 13th. Brunson has been the best addition in Knicks franchise history, leading the team back into championship contention for the first time in 30 years.

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