Home Sport Wenn Steph Curry bei einer Niederlage der Golden State Warriors 60 Punkte erzielt, ist Schluss

Wenn Steph Curry bei einer Niederlage der Golden State Warriors 60 Punkte erzielt, ist Schluss

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One of the signs of the apocalypse is Steph Curry scoring 60 points in a loss to the Golden State Warriors. Even more alarming is the 141-134 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, a team with five games below .500. It seems the Hawks are on the way to reshaping their roster around Trae Young or even entirely rebuilding it. Half to 75 percent of the team is on the trade block, and if you’re wondering what franchise I’m talking about, that’s a valid question.

The Warriors are four games below the Mendoza Line, and only Curry should be off the market as the team fights for the final play-in spot. A year ago, NBA fans wondered if the Golden State dynasty was over as they spent most of the season trying to figure things out, and many observers wrote off the 2022-23 season as a year from hell.

When Draymond Green hits a teammate in the face, it naturally garners all the attention. However, the most concerning thing is that the Warriors haven’t looked synchronized since their title fight three seasons ago. Yes, Chef Curry can still get hot like no other player on the planet, yet Golden State has lost the last three games in which he fell short of the 50-point mark. Before 2022, The Warriors were 8-2 when Steph surpassed this mark.

I hate the phrases „in a vacuum“ and Bill Parcells‘ mantra „You are what your record says you are,“ because they are both clichés, and we never talk about athletes in a vacuum or take records at face value. These are also the main reasons why we’re not talking about this year’s Warriors like we are about this year’s Hawks.

Klay Thompson should be just as expendable as Dejounte Murray, if not more, considering the latter has better stats and can still play defense. Of course, there would be unrest in Dub Nation if this trade happened, especially because Golden State would have to sweeten the deal to get Atlanta to accept it.

Yes, I know it’s sacrilegious to talk like this. His performances at the title parade make Thompson off-limits for Warriors fans, which is why the downfall of great teams is so fascinating. Only a sociopath like Bill Belichick can divide or trade once integral parts of championship teams.

Feelings are a powerful drug. Whenever Curry breaks the 60-point mark, fans and media come up with crazy proclamations because they don’t want to spread the same false opinion as before and question the greatest shooter to ever live. If Steph can go for 60, that’s sufficient evidence to give Golden State an advantage in doubt.

What if the 60-burger comes in a loss to a team undoubtedly headed south? Green, Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins were a combined 8 of 34 from the field. Klay has only scored more than 30 points twice in a season where Cam Thomas pulls off this half-sleep, and damn, Scoot Henderson has just as many 30-point performances.

Rarely do we witness a group of men collectively go through an entire professional athlete’s life cycle. It takes insane success and chemistry just to be allowed to attempt it, and this season of the Golden State Warriors – not from hell, maybe from reality – is the reason why we rarely reach this point.

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