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Welche NFL-Spieler haben von ihren Teams das Franchise-Tag erhalten?

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Antoine Winfield Jr.

Antoine Winfield Jr.
Foto: Getty Images

With free agency looming, the NFL is currently continuing its centuries-old tradition of taking some of the best names off the market. The franchise-tag period allows teams to retain top players for a bit longer, extending the negotiation window for a long-term deal while still maintaining control over the team.

There are two different types of tags. The exclusive tag is the most commonly assigned tag and prevents players from negotiating with other teams. It costs the most of all tags, either the higher of the average top five salaries at the player’s position or 120% of the player’s last salary. A non-exclusive tag, on the other hand, allows a player to still negotiate a contract. Any team that commits to this tag on an unmatched offer list does so in exchange for two first-round picks. The rarer transition tag pays a player the higher amount of the average top 10 salaries from the previous year at the player’s position, but still allows a player to negotiate outside without draft compensation.

There are names we won’t see hitting the free agency market.

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