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Wegovy-Hersteller Novo Nordisk geht Forschungskooperationen mit US-Biotech-Unternehmen ein

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LONDON (Reuters) – Novo Nordisk, a blockbuster manufacturer of weight loss medications, announced on Thursday research collaborations with two US-based biotech companies as part of its efforts to stay ahead in the race among major pharmaceutical companies in developing further treatment options for cardiovascular diseases.

Novo, a Danish pharmaceutical manufacturer whose stock price surged by 49% last year due to increased demand for its weight loss medication Wegovy, stated that partnerships with Omega Therapeutics and Cellarity Inc could lead to new treatment methods for people with obesity and a type of liver disease known as MASH.

Omega, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a market capitalization of approximately $150 million at the close of trading on Wednesday, nearly doubled in pre-market US trading to $5.38 per share.

The two separate research and development partnerships are the first to be announced under a framework agreement signed by Novo in 2022 with Flagship Pioneering, a US-based investment firm specializing in biotechnology.

Both Omega and Cellarity are portfolio companies of Flagship. The companies will conduct preclinical drug development studies in collaboration with Novo, with the potential for Novo to advance the programs to clinical trials, according to a statement.

Under the terms of the respective agreements, Novo will reimburse the costs of research and development (R&D). Each agreement has the potential to pay up to $532 million in upfront, development, and commercial milestone payments, as well as tiered royalties on annual net sales of a licensed product, to be divided between the respective companies and Flagship.

Uli Stilz, Vice President of Novo’s Bio Innovation Hub in Cambridge, Massachusetts, told Reuters that the project will enable innovations that neither Novo nor the other companies could achieve alone.

Stilz, who will lead the research partnerships, said the work is running parallel to Novo’s later clinical collaborations and the acquisition of other companies through bolt-on deals, which gained momentum last year as the company’s war chest grew due to record profits. „I can confirm that we will achieve all of this.“

(Reporting by Maggie Fick, additional reporting by Khushi Mandowara; Editing by David Evans)

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