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Vorgeschnittenes Gemüse und Endotoxine

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Endotoxins can accumulate on pre-cut vegetables and negate some of its benefits. As discussed in my video, the Exogenous Endotoxin Theory proposed how a single McMuffin meal with sausage and egg could impair arterial function within hours of consumption. This may be due to the meal causing inflammation within hours of consumption by inducing low-grade endotoxemia, as previously discussed in my video on Endotoxemia due to dead meat bacteria.

Endotoxins are structural components of gram-negative bacteria like E. coli, as seen below and at 0:35 in my video „Is pre-cut vegetables as healthy?“. While critics argued that the presence of endotoxins in our food may not play a significant role in triggering systemic inflammation due to the abundance of bacteria in our colon, the location of these endotoxins matters. Location, location, location is key. While feces in the colon are harmless, ingestion or injection of fecal matter into the bloodstream, especially with fat, can promote endotoxin absorption in the small intestine.

This concept applies to well-cooked feces as well. Cooking endotoxins for two hours, as seen in the graphic below and at 1:44 in my video, does not impair their ability to trigger inflammation. Consumption of meat contaminated with feces can lead to food poisoning and potentially transfer fecal matter onto the animal’s skin during processing. Even with visible fecal contamination removed, trimming can lead to increased fecal bacteria from one carcass to the next.

While fresh produce has low endotoxin levels, once the protective outer layers are damaged, bacterial growth and endotoxin accumulation can occur. Pre-cut vegetables, while initially low in endotoxins, can accumulate bacteria and endotoxins over time, even if refrigerated. This accumulation, as shown in the graphic below and at 2:30 in my video, may not be as significant as in meat, but still notable.

Switching from a diet with lower endotoxin levels to one with higher endotoxin levels can impact inflammation markers and weight, as seen in a study. Comparing fresh to pre-cut onions in another study, fresh onions led to a reduction in inflammation markers after consumption, while pre-cut onions did not show the same effect.

It is evident that the trend towards consuming minimally processed vegetables, such as pre-cut vegetables, may be associated with increased oral endotoxin exposure. While consuming pre-cut vegetables is still beneficial, cutting your own may be the healthiest option. For more practical vegetable tips, check out the related posts below.

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