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Vergessen Sie die Supersonics nicht, wenn Thunder wieder zum Wettbewerb zurückkehrt

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have had one of the shortest rebuilding phases in NBA history. Since the separation of the Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook pairing, which led to the current Thunder 2.0, it took just three seasons of extreme tanking. These losses brought them the sixth pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, the second and twelfth pick in 2022, and the twelfth pick last summer. These selections brought them the problematic Josh Giddey, future Center-position and Rookie-of-the-Year favorite Chet Holmgren, and future All-Star Jalen Williams, along with a draft-night swap with Dallas for Cason Wallace. These four players are all crucial parts of the current core, joining Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, our MVP pick and All-NBA First Team selection from last season.

SGA came to the Thunder in what is considered the best trade of the 21st century for Paul George, along with five first-round picks and two swaps from the Los Angeles Clippers. With an absurd amount of draft capital and a record of hitting on late first and second round picks, GM Sam Presti is one of the best NBA managers. The Thunder currently possess up to 37 draft picks between 2024 and 2031, giving them the flexibility to make moves and package trades in the future.

Presti is one of the best NBA managers and was responsible for establishing the Thunder as a serious contender in the 2010s. Without Presti, the Thunder would not have reached the status of contenders with Durant, Westbrook, and James Harden. As markets like Las Vegas, Mexico City, and even Seattle are looking for an NBA franchise, they would have been the most likely candidates for relocation. In recognition of all Presti has done for the city of Oklahoma City, we must acknowledge that he was a gift to the Sonics franchise.

Coming from the ashes of Seattle, the Thunder GM has been a vital part of the team since his hiring in 2007, the team was then located in Seattle. Presti has been instrumental in rebuilding the team through smart draft picks and mega trades. This process is reminiscent of the Thunder’s early years, beginning with the move from Seattle to Oklahoma City. The story of the franchise’s relocation, and its impact, is revealed in Sam Anderson’s book „Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City“.

Carmelo Anthony described the Thunder as the best-run organization he has encountered during his NBA career, praising their understanding of player needs, communication style, and accountability. While Presti did not have the opportunity to influence the Sonics franchise as intended, his loss was the Thunder’s gain. Hopefully, Seattle will be the next city to regain an NBA team through expansion, as Presti spoke about the possibility in 2022.

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