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Verfolgen Sie alle NBA-Trades vor Ablauf der Frist

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The NBA trade deadline is officially upon us. While the excitement may not be as high as in previous years, with big stars taking the stage, it remains as crucial as any other in recent memory. Both conferences are up for grabs, and there are no real contenders walking away. Can anyone make a move that catapults them into championship conversation? Stay tuned until the deadline ends today at 3:00 PM.

Mascots Everywhere, Take Note

Sacramento Kings receive: Robin Lopez, cash
Milwaukee Bucks receive: Nothing

Celtics Clear Room for Springer

Portland Trail Blazers receive: Dalono Banton
Boston Celtics receive: Heavily protected second-round draft pick

Raptors Part Ways with Final Championship Piece

Indiana Pacers receive: Pascal Siakam
Toronto Raptors receive: Two first-round picks from 2024, Indiana’s first-round pick from 2026 (Top-4 Protected), Bruce Brown, Jordan Nwora, Kira Lewis Jr.

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