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Utahs NHL-Teamlogos, Farben und mögliche Uniformen für das erste Jahr – SportsLogos.Net News

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Utah’s new National Hockey League team, set to debut in the upcoming 2024-25 NHL season, is reportedly launching without a fixed name or logo. Early merchandise items prepared for the team reveal a temporary design featuring „UTAH“ in large block letters alongside the NHL shield, with „EST. 2024“ below. The NHL used the same logo when announcing Utah’s spot at the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery.

The two logos currently being used for Utah’s NHL team are featured on items for sale, one for use on light backgrounds and one for dark backgrounds.

The colors of this early branding are black and a very light, almost ice-like blue. While nothing is officially confirmed, it appears that this will be the club’s main logo for the inaugural season.

Previously, Utah’s ownership group had stated that the team’s jerseys for this season would feature „UTAH“ on them. Based on this, it is believed that Utah’s NHL jerseys this season will be black, with this UTAH logo on the front and some simple light blue and/or white striping. Something along these lines:

Based on the logos we’ve seen and the information we’ve heard, the uniforms for Utah’s NHL team for the first season of 2024-25 could look something like this.

This graphic is purely speculation on my part.

The team is expected to unveil its permanent branding, including a team name, in time for the 2025–26 season.

The team initiated a fan vote earlier this month to assist in selecting the new name. The initial list of 20 finalists included Utah Black Diamonds, Blast, Blizzard, Canyons, Caribou, Freeze, Frost, Fury, Glaciers, Utah HC, Hive, Ice, Mammoth, Mountaineers, Outlaws, Powder, Squall, Swarm, Venom, and Yeti. The first round of voting ended last week, and the team plans to announce the next round of fan favorites and more details on the naming process later this summer.

The twenty names that the NHL team from Utah allowed the public to choose from earlier this month.

The new Utah team succeeded the Arizona Coyotes and is considered by the NHL as a completely new franchise. However, they retain the roster and coaching staff of the Coyotes. The Coyotes franchise is officially suspended and could potentially return within five years if a suitable arena is found. This suspension situation, while unprecedented in NHL history, raises questions about the Original Winnipeg Jets narrative linked to the suspended Coyotes franchise. As the NHL suddenly has no issue rewriting history, it raises the question of whether the new Jets can retain the rights to the seemingly suspended Jets.

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