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Travis Kelce ging nicht zu den Grammys, aber stellen Sie sich vor, er würde es tun

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Travis Kelce didn’t miss much on Grammy night 2024. Los Angeles isn’t the funniest place when a mood-dampening rain hovers like the alien ship Independence Day. Dreary and wet isn’t Southern California’s norm. While the weather would have put a damper on the party scene, the mood at Taylor Swift’s afterparty would have been great. Kelce missed some traffic jams and a historic moment, but his girlfriend winning the Grammy for Album of the Year, becoming the only musician to achieve this feat.

Those who want to argue about the merits of Swift’s win over Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder can do so with Beyhive and others. However, Kelce missed the chance to witness history being made twice at the Crypto.com Arena, where Tracy Chapman performed „Fast Car“ live for the first time in nine years.

Kelce’s relationship with Swift appears to be growing, evidenced by their public displays of affection. After kissing on the field at M&T Bank Stadium when the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens, it’s clear Swift is not just a fan, but a supporter of the entire team as they received their fourth AFC Championship trophy in six seasons.

Swift’s schedule is packed, but she still plans to attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas between concerts in Japan and Australia. Kelce’s decision to forgo the Grammys for Super Bowl week is one that even the most opposing ends of the political spectrum can agree on. However, it’s clear that he could have made a few 45-minute flights to witness something unforgettable for Swift in her industry, while avoiding any potential controversy.

Kelce missed the chance to support his significantly more famous girlfriend on the biggest day of her life, and it’s a decision that many didn’t expect. While he may have dodged the rain and the hot seat, it’s clear that he may be facing some scrutiny in the coming days. He missed an opportunity to witness remarkable achievements by being at Swift’s side, and questions about his choices will likely follow.

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