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Tommy Cutlets, wir kannten dich kaum

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Halten Sie die Mayonnaise.

Halten Sie die Mayonnaise.
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Tommy Cutlets must have spent too long in the deep fryer, as his fairytale debut as the Giants‘ starting quarterback seems to be a slam dunk.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll announced on Wednesday that Tyrod Taylor will be starting over Tommy DeVito this week against the Rams. Taylor saw action in the second half of Monday’s game against the Eagles, where the G-Men lost 33-10.

This may not be the end of the Cutlet saga in New York overall, but perhaps for the remainder of the season.

It’s hard to discredit DeVito for all the good he has done so far this season. As the third-string quarterback, filling in for both Daniel Jones and Taylor, he won the first three of his four starts. He was an anomaly, the complete opposite of what all expectations of an NFL quarterback fulfill. He wasn’t particularly scouted after his college days, was undrafted, and signed as a free agent with the Giants.

According to reports, he still lives at home, nine miles from Metlife Stadium, where his mother can do his laundry and he can eat as many cutlets as he wants for dinner. It’s truly a Cinderella story, or perhaps more of a Cenerantola story.

Even though he was replaced at halftime on Monday, fans will remember his performance and unwavering determination to lead the Giants to victory. Even as an undrafted rookie in the spotlight, all Italian-American Giants fans wanted to see him lead their favorite team to victory, and he did. But it might be too much to ask for the fantasy ride to last forever.

Taylor, drafted by the Ravens in 2011, has a record of 1-9 in the games he has played this season. It will be his first significant command since his rib injury in October against the Jets. In his career, he has a completion percentage of 61.4 and has thrown 63 touchdowns. His current QB rating is 46.1.

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