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Tiger Woods kündigt neue Bekleidungsmarke „Sun Day Red“ an – SportsLogos.Net News

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Tiger Woods has launched his own new golf apparel brand, Sun Day Red, after his relationship with Nike ended earlier this year.

Woods unveiled the new brand, which will be an independent brand within manufacturer TaylorMade, on Monday, February 12, in Los Angeles. Throughout his career, it has been widely known that Woods has traditionally worn red in the final rounds of golf tournaments, especially on Sundays, including during the 15 major championships he has won.

The centerpiece of Sun Day Red—“Sunday“ is spelled out in the name because „The Threes have a special power,“ according to the brand’s website—is a logo that depicts an abstract representation of a leaping tiger. The tiger has 15 stripes, each symbolizing one of Woods‘ greatest championships.

Courtesy of PGATour.com

The centerpiece of Sun Day Red is a logo that tells a story. It is a tale of Tiger’s incredible accomplishments, a visual homage to a career that has inspired millions. But the designs go even further and include Easter eggs for the fans, including a 15-stripe tiger emblem symbolizing his 15 major victories. …

Arising from the love of being out in the sun, the joy of playing golf during the day, and a special red, the brand’s power color—once Sun Day Red was first applied to a garment, it simply looked perfect.


In the photos released as part of the Sun Day Red announcement, the logo is seen in various applications: embroidered on hats and golf gloves, under polo shirt plackets, and printed on t-shirts.

Sun Day Red promises apparel with „the meticulous attention to detail for which Tiger is known and revered,“ featuring enhanced shoulder seams, two-way zippers, and precisely crafted collars and cuffs, allowing full range of motion and optimal performance.

„Throughout the years, I’ve learned so much and I have a lifetime of experience in adjusting my clothing and footwear to the construction in order to play better. I could tell you that there are things that nobody knew I’ve done over the years. I am ready to share those secrets with the world. Sun Day Red embodies the love of playing and competition, and we are here for people who share those values, whether on the course or in life. We will focus on putting the athlete first in our product decisions.“

– Tiger Woods

Sun Day Red apparel will be available online starting on May 1; polos are expected to be sold for $115 to $175, while cashmere sweaters will cost $250 to $350.

Woods is expected to wear Sun Day Red clothing this weekend when he competes at the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, his first PGA Tour event since last year’s Masters.

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