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Texas Rangers enthüllen die Ringe der World Series 2023 – SportsLogos.Net News

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Saddle up and shine – the Texas Rangers have unveiled their 2023 World Series Championship ring. The rings will be presented to the Rangers players before tonight’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

The ring features the Texas Rangers logo (their primary logo starting in 2024) in the form of a stylized white „T“ with a red drop shadow – a design the Rangers have consistently worn on their caps for the past 31 seasons (in various color schemes).

As is customary with championship rings in sports today, the design is filled with symbolism down to the smallest detail.

The 103 blue sapphires behind the „T“ logo represent the Rangers‘ 103 wins in the 2023 regular season and postseason.

The 23 red rubies forming the drop shadow of the logo symbolize the year 2023.

The 11 stones within the „T“ itself represent their 11 away victories during the postseason.

The 16 diamonds along the outer ring symbolize the 16 consecutive postseason games in which the Rangers hit a home run.

The 30 stones encircling the blue center stand for the club’s 30 post-season home runs.

The 52 diamonds in the word „CHAMPIONS“ signify the club’s 52nd season after moving to Texas (note that there is no explanation for the number of diamonds in the word „WORLD“). The Rangers‘ inaugural season in Texas is celebrated again with 72 diamonds (for 1972) on the side.

Additional details can be found in the graphics below provided by the team:

A recent trend in championship rings is the removable top to allow for even more references – the Rangers have included a nod to their perfect road record in the 2023 postseason and a slice of a baseball used in the World Series within the inside of their ring.

Their World Series opponents, the Arizona Diamondbacks, also unveiled their championship ring for 2023 to commemorate their National League pennant victory (a common practice among losing World Series teams). Another ring reveal showcased the D-Backs‘ pride, not letting their efforts go unnoticed.

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