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Super Bowl LVIII ist selbst für Millionäre zu teuer

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The unrestrained capitalism imposes some limitations on the top one percent, who are enjoying one of its biggest parties of the year. With the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, luxury suites have reached the highest high-roller prices, even exceeding the price range of some of the biggest stars actually playing in the game.

Olivia Culpo wanted to gift a suite to the mother of her fiance, Christian McCaffrey, for her birthday. However, Lisa McCaffrey said it was too expensive. Culpo, the winner of the 2012 Ms. Universe Pageant, posted on Instagram that she wanted to gift Mrs. McCaffrey a suite for her birthday. Christian mentioned this during the Super Bowl opening night, saying he shut it down.

Donna, better known as Mama, Kelce plans to watch the game from the stands. Unlike Mama McCaffrey, she seems to have the upper hand, as her youngest son is dating the winner of the most „Album of the Year“ awards in Grammy history. Kelce told CNN about the family not officially knowing if Taylor Swift will be there on game day. Since there’s no Kelce family suite due to the high prices, Swift will likely watch the game from one of the many suites that would gladly host her.

There are almost 150 suites at Allegiant Stadium, reportedly being sold for between 1.4 to 2.5 million US dollars each. For those willing to pay villa-level prices for exclusive access to the Super Bowl in a studio apartment-sized space, the amenities are delicious. There are Wagyu hotdogs, surf-and-turf nachos with filet mignon and lobster, fried king crab rice, and more. Personally, for the price of the suite, I say give everyone a Tomahawk steak and stone crab instead of sprinkling beef in these elaborate dishes.

In a world where people struggle to afford accommodation, it can be perceived as an insult to throw so much money for a single night. Every person without lodging in Las Vegas could be accommodated at a price far below the total money being spent at Allegiant Stadium, starting from parking.

However, the money being thrown around in Las Vegas on a regular weekend could achieve the same. On the vertical scale are blackjack and roulette tables at one end, and treasury bonds at the other. Las Vegas is a place of excess. Those huge, alcoholic drinks that cost $25 are not served in most American bars.

If there’s one place where income inequality can’t be resolved, it’s the NFL’s biggest party held in the American city where people most frequently go to celebrate. The league and the city should extract as much money as possible from the people and businesses that have traveled there.

A place where capitalism should be allowed to run free are the luxury accommodations at the Super Bowl. If you think you’re a big baller, shot caller, and have 20-inch blades on your Impala, then prove it. End a weekend in Vegas with a 2 million dollar luxury suite and all the trimmings.

That’s what freedom is all about, right? After inflation has been kicking the average Americans in the behind for a year, companies are paying seven figures for five to six hours in a luxury suite, like it’s nothing. If they can afford it, they should be squeezed for every last cent.

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