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Studie zeigt die Möglichkeit eines Laborursprungs von COVID-19

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The origin of COVID-19 is highly debated – most studies have focused on a zoonotic origin, but research published in the journal Risk Analysis examined the likelihood of an unnatural origin (such as from a lab).

The results suggest that the probability leans towards an unnatural rather than a natural origin of the virus. To investigate the origin of COVID-19, researchers used an established risk assessment tool to distinguish between natural and unnatural epidemics, the modified Grunow-Finke Evaluation Tool (mGFT). While this risk assessment cannot prove the specific origin of COVID-19, it indicates that the possibility of a lab origin cannot be simply dismissed.

One of the researchers, Xin Chen, Ph.D., a researcher at the University of New South Wales, is available for an interview to discuss more about the results of this study and its implications.


Society for Risk Analysis

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