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Steve Kerr hat mit der Rückkehr von Draymond Green völlig Unrecht

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A chapter in the Draymond Green saga comes to an end and a new one begins. He has been reinstated by the NBA and has returned to the Golden State Warriors facility. Green had been away from the team for over three weeks, and is currently working on preparing for game activity.

He stamped Jusuf Nurkic in mid-December, nearly a month to the day after putting his arm around Rudy Gobert’s neck and ultimately being suspended for five games. The indefinite suspension for the punch on Nurkic ended after twelve games. These two suspensions came after he was suspended for one game during the playoffs in April. And of course, he punched his own teammate in the fall of 2022.

The physical targeting of four players within 14 months needed to be addressed. This must clearly stop. However, everything Steve Kerr wants from Green is too much and too soon. On Tuesday, Kerr told the media that the Warriors expect Green to „leave the officials alone.“

Slow down, Steve Kerr. Be humble.

Yes, Green reached an automatic one-game suspension last season for 16 technical fouls for the first time in his career. A suspension is never good, but that was a technicality. Green’s shouting at referees can be annoying at times, but players and coaches complaining about calls are as much a part of NBA basketball as the T-shirt cannons. He just does it louder than anyone else.

The man wasn’t suspended for twelve games for shouting at the referees. The penalty was for repeatedly striking players on the court. That is the behavior that needs to be corrected. Green has a lot of work to do in addressing this issue, as he will have no room for error with contacts for the rest of the season. He has always had an issue with letting his limbs fly wildly.

After just a few weeks with a therapist, he will need to embrace „calmness now“ and „woosahs.“ He can restrain himself to keep his hands to himself while playing with his peers. If the guy needs to blow off steam by yelling at a referee, the Warriors simply have to deal with it. Either that, or they need to hire a „reining-in coach“ who grabs Green every time he starts stomping after a call doesn’t go his way.

Green has expressed remorse both in his podcast and in his press conference on Tuesday. He told the media that he needed this break. This break was mandated and unpaid. By not only suspending him but also requiring counseling, the NBA made it clear that they expect a different behavior from him. Another major incident will likely jeopardize the remainder of his season.

His antics don’t bother me. All professional sports are enhanced by some live wires. Such players bring an extra spark to the games, and sometimes they cross the line. When these moments happen, Courtland Finnegan getting Andre Johnson so mad he gets punched in the face and Green swinging at Nurkic with a 180-degree move are unforgettable moments, and don’t fans complain about how „soft“ players are these days? Green’s spicing up of the NBA gives me more value for my League Pass dollar.

I understand that he should not be allowed to strangle, stamp, and hit players for my entertainment. The NBA had to take action against his behavior on the court. Leagues have rules that players cannot blatantly violate.

Green has been publicly shamed and sent away for a while. It will take some time for him to prove that he can keep a cool head on the court. He needs to watch his temper, but really only to the extent that he keeps his extremities from striking other players. I’m not here to downplay others‘ internal struggles, but that seems like a reasonable request.

What Kerr wants is too much. Green wasn’t even away from the team for a whole month. Wholesale changes take longer than an eighth of the regular NBA season. This season, Kerr should only be concerned with Green keeping his hands to himself. Over the summer, he may have his breakthrough and realize that sometimes he harasses people and referees are paid to blow the whistle in such moments.

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