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Steve Ballmer verpasst den Clippers ein „Pretty Woman“-Makeover

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In an effort to break free from the Lakers and redefine their image, Steve Ballmer took the LA Clippers on a shopping spree and unveiled images of their new logo and uniforms, as reported by Zach Lowe of ESPN.

For 40 years, the Clippers have played as guests in their own home arena. Since moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, they rented spaces at The Forum before following the Lakers to the Staples/Crypto Arena. The disparity between the Clippers‘ and Lakers‘ reputations could not be more dramatic. Between 1984, when the Clippers landed in LA, and Donald Sterling’s fall in 2014, the Clippers had the lowest NBA winning percentage, sharing space with a dynastic organization that won more games than any other team during that time.

A decade ago, Ballmer changed the tone of the Clippers, but this is the final phase of his multi-billion dollar investment in his NBA passion project. After years living in the Lakers‘ garage, Ballmer has made it his mission to revamp the Clippers‘ losing brand. When the $2 billion Intuit Dome opens next season, they will shed their old skin for their yacht era.

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