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Stephen A. sagt, er „hasst“ Jason Whitlock und nennt ihn „Teufel“

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I didn’t receive the message that Festivus had been moved from December 23 to the entire month of January. Complaints have been voiced. And an extension for this holiday is the only explanation I have for why so many celebrities are starting the year by twisting the heads of those they don’t like verbally.

Aaron Rodgers kicked off the party with a blow to Jimmy Kimmel. That was the first complaint filed on the Pat McAfee Show. The next day, the host went after a long-time ESPN manager by name. McAfee’s program has been on the network for four months and is causing controversy.

Katt Williams joined the party a day after Rodgers‘ confrontations with a nearly three-hour tirade on the Club Shay Shay podcast. He brought a grill from a Korean barbecue restaurant, placed comedians he has a problem with on it, and let the audience watch them sizzle.

Then came Stephen A. Smith. Lately, he has referred to Jason Whitlock as a „not good, fat bastard“ without much subtlety. I assume he didn’t say his name, because that’s what this man wants. The only tool Whitlock has in his belt is to gain attention by speaking ill of people and also of black people in sports media.

On Wednesday evening, Smith had enough. He told ESPN and others that he would not only say Jason Whitlock’s name, but that he would reign down on him with vulgar revenge and furious anger. And, my word came down on him like an atmospheric river.

There are a handful of people in this world that I deeply dislike. Seeing how terribly adults can behave after coming to an adult understanding can drive a reasonable person to hate. However, I have never abhorred every single cell of another person as Smith does with Whitlock.

He couldn’t hold back any longer after Whitlock hinted in his podcast that Smith’s memoirs were fake. That infuriated Smith so much that after saying „I hate this bastard“, his last words to Whitlock were, „If you come within a mile of his presence, hug yourself to protect your soul.“ He is Cain. He is a devil.“

Who said men aren’t emotional? At the beginning of 2024, Real Housewives will look stoic to men. How about Stephen A., Whitlock, Aaron Rodgers, McAfee, and Katt getting together for dinner every week and forming little cliques, only to later antagonize each other in the season finale? The only words Andy Cohen would say would be „Hi“ and „What’s wrong with these men?“

If the rest of the year looks like this, I have my Cabernet and charcuterie board ready. This is better than TV because the timeline could explode at any moment if news about the men in sports media doesn’t go well.

Wait, this year there are presidential elections and Donald Trump is running. Whatever. Give me some Scotch, a Black & Mild, and a pizza. It’s just fun and games between men, taking jabs at each other until they fight for who has their hand on the button. Happy Festivus, everyone!

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