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Steph Curry wird nicht aufhören, im Rampenlicht von Dame Lillard zu stehen

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When Steph Curry is in the building, Damian Lillard can’t afford to take a break. Lillard must be feeling overshadowed or developing an inferiority complex, as he added another level to his Hall of Fame belt by being crowned the 3-Point Contest champion for the second year in a row—only to watch the league formulate a whole event around Curry.

What used to be a top-tier main event on Saturday night was overshadowed by the best long-distance shooter of the Floor-Spacing era. Curry has been following Lillard for a decade at All-Star weekends, throughout the regular season, and in the postseason. Even when Lillard has a moment, Curry finds a way to overshadow him. Fifteen minutes after Lillard officially won the event, Curry threw a 3-Point belt over his shoulder and was praised as the owner of the 3-Point arc.

In 2021, they turned the All-Star tournament into a distance shootout, ending with Lillard hitting the game-winning logo triple. The next year, Curry responded with 50. Up until 2014, Lillard and Curry seemed to be on a parallel path. They were the middle-class guardians serving as cornerstones of the leading West Coast franchises. Then, Golden State began its reign of terror, leaving Lillard in Curry’s dust.

Dame is becoming the Dominique Wilkins of our time. He is constantly haunted by Curry, much like Wilkins was overshadowed by His Airness. Every generation has „The Guy.“ In the 80s, Wilkins was overshadowed by Jordan. T-Mac was beneath Kobe, even when healthy. Carmelo quickly lost his rivalry with LeBron James.

Lillard threw some shade at Curry in 2019 after Golden State defeated Portland in the Western Conference Finals, while Draymond Green and Klay Thompson nursed injuries throughout the year but then played 35-39 during the Bubble season. Two days later, given „how difficult it is to get such a high-quality look,“ Curry dropped a 62-point nuke on the Blazers.

A year later, Curry won a fourth title as everyone returned to full strength in 2022. Lillard finally has his Kevin Durant in Giannis Antetokounmpo. But even as Curry leads a struggling franchise, Lillard catches even more flak. Hardly anyone has spoken positively about Lillard.

This was supposed to be the year Lillard finally triumphed over Curry. Instead, the Bucks have since lost 7 out of 11 games, Doc Rivers replaced Adrian Griffin, and Lillard’s defensive leadership was put to another test by a team that was proud of its efforts under the previous regime.

Unfortunately, at almost every step of his career, Lillard has been overshadowed by Curry. Curry and Lillard don’t have many All-Star games left. At some point, Lillard must take pride in himself and address his Curry problem, whether it’s by delivering an unforgettable moment in the conference finals or the NBA Finals.

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