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Spieler sollen bei neuen College-Hoops-Turnieren während der Saison bezahlt werden

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The fire hydrant has burst and money is flowing into the streets of college sports. The men’s college basketball experienced the success of the first NBA In-Season Tournament 2023 and has decided to start its own tournament.

The men’s college basketball will hold its first season tournament in Fall 2024 titled „Player Era.“ It will take place in Las Vegas. According to Front Office Sports, the first edition will consist of eight teams and expand to 14 in 2025. Rumors suggest that Duke has been invited due to the brand’s polarizing impact, especially with the addition of Cooper Flagg next season.

Similar to the NBA, Players Era will offer financial rewards. All participating teams will receive $1 million in NIL money each. The winner will also receive an additional million dollars. Programs are allowed to distribute the money as they see fit, as long as every dollar goes to the players.

It’s unfortunate that the prize money has to be thinly veiled under the guise of NIL. The NCAA recently lost an antitrust case and is currently prohibited from enforcing one of its NIL rules. NCAA President Charlie Baker has discussed schools opting for a subdivision where money is put into a trust for athletes.

Technically, players in this new season tournament will be compensated through NIL, but the lawsuit and this new tournament are evidence that college sports are rapidly moving towards direct athlete compensation.

The fact that there is a cash prize at a college basketball tournament is the biggest sign yet that the new world of college athletics is here. This ship has sailed. Big money is the way of the future.

Older congressmen may whine and Baker and the NCAA may bite their nails as their power is stripped away. These players operate. They spend weekends on business trips, hone their skills for hours on weekdays, and perform live at ticketed events. The fact that college basketball is emulating the NBA’s idea for an additional tournament proves that players are as much employees as the coaches.

In this new world, there will be some challenges. It will require a lot of thought to sustain non-revenue generating sports programs. Some of them may not survive. Perhaps schools shouldn’t have spent so much money on facilities and coaches in revenue-generating sports to prevent players from being paid, but that’s neither here nor there.

College athletics will continue to learn how to keep young adults in uniform from being burned by big corporations while trying to keep as many scholarship sports available as possible. There are people getting paid much more than the players in the sports departments and conference offices of universities who are capable professionals. These people will eventually figure out how to best get the players what they have long deserved.

The answer will likely lie in better money management, as the money never leaves the players‘ hands. The Players Era is evidence that we are in the age of the player in college sports.

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