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Somerset Patriots spielen als Jersey Diners – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Somerset Patriots, New York Yankees‘ Double-A affiliate, will play three games as the Jersey Diners in 2024. The temporary moniker pays homage to the prevalence of this particular and unique style of casual dining establishments, well-known in New Jersey.

The series of logos, highlighted by an anthropomorphic coffee cup, includes a wordmark that mimics neon signs, as well as metallic elements above and below reminiscent of the distinctive metallic finishes often found in diners, which are often converted railroad cars.

The Jersey jerseys (ha!) feature the wordmark on a light blue background, with the sleeve cuffs decorated with a red and white checkered pattern reminiscent of tablecloths.

Designer Ryan Foose of Fooser Sports Design, who created the brand, announced on social media: „New Jersey is the land of diners,“ visually punctuated with an alternative logo showing eggs next to a New Jersey steak.

Über MiLB

Other alternative marks include pancakes with a baseball-shaped pat of butter, a coffee pot with a J for Jersey, and a sandwich with grilled bacon, tomatoes, and cheese – a staple of diners.

The Diners will first face the Hartford Yard Goats on June 8th.

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