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Sind KI-Tools die Zukunft des Mammographie-Screenings?

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According to several organizations, nearly one in eight cases of breast cancer is missed during mammography screening. Initial research suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) could help close this detection gap and significantly improve the early diagnosis of the disease. However, there are still unanswered questions about how AI can best be integrated into screenings and whether it is too early to implement the technology.

Although AI is not covered by insurance, some radiological clinics are already offering AI analysis of mammograms as an additional paid service. For example, patients undergoing mammography at RadNet facilities have the option of an additional AI analysis of their images. RadNet, the largest national owner and operator of fixed diagnostic imaging centers in the United States, launched its AI program initially in the Northeast and has since introduced the product in all regions of the country.

Patients who opt for the $40 „Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection“ add-on service undergo a high-resolution 3D mammography using detector technology with a resolution of 70 microns. The mammograms are then reviewed by a qualified radiologist with the support of two FDA-approved AI programs, Saige-Q and Saige-Density. The AI tools help to identify suspicious mammograms and provide density ratings for each image. Additionally, the AI programs mark areas within the images that appear suspicious, which are then reviewed by a second human radiologist.

Studies have shown that the use of AI in breast cancer detection has led to greater cancer detection rates and reduced recall rates. However, further research is still needed before widespread implementation of AI in mammography screening. As the field continues to evolve, it is important for healthcare providers to closely monitor the continued development and integration of AI technology in breast imaging.

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