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SBLVIII war der Special Teams Bowl

von NFI Redaktion

Patrick Mahomes‘ ascension may be what history remembers most about Super Bowl LVIII due to Tik-Tok. However, the true story lies in the special teams and the role played by the kickers on Sunday evening in Las Vegas. There’s a reason it’s called football.

The total of 18 points scored by six field goals from Jake Moody, a kicker from San Francisco, and Harrison Butker, a specialist from Kansas City, formed the basis for a game that was full of errors and minimal offense until the fourth quarter and overtime, as often overlooked. The third phase of the ball has proven why special teams are so „special.“

In a game where the focus was supposed to be on Mahomes enriching his legacy and Brock Purdy proving he can be both a game-changer and a game manager, much of the competition ended up being a showdown between the kickers.

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