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San Jose Sharks necken neue schwarze Uniform – SportsLogos.Net News

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The San Jose Sharks are planning to unveil a new alternate jersey in the coming days.

Yesterday afternoon, the team’s official Twitter account released a series of photos showing a new set of black breezers with teal and white striping on the side, as well as new black gloves. The Sharks have not worn black pants since the 2021/22 season, so this is definitely something new.

The team shared the following:

This appears to be the same pants style worn from 1991–92 through the 1996–97 season with the original San Jose Sharks jerseys; the black pants remained in 1997–98, however, without the side striping.

One day before the Sharks announced this, Twitter user Carter Richard posted the following—claiming it showed details of a new black alternate jersey with the Sharks‘ fin logo as the crest, their 2015 Stadium Series patch recolored and placed on the shoulders, and a shark tooth pattern on the inside of the collar:

It looks promising… as long as it’s real.

Setting aside the idea of another black alternate jersey for a moment (this will be their fourth different black alternate jersey design since 2007!), the addition of black pants and (presumably) a black helmet to the team’s uniform rotation offers some interesting possibilities. Now that the league allows mixing and matching of helmets and pants, could we see, for example, the return of black pants and buckets with the teal home sweaters? This pairing was arguably the best look in Sharks history, and it would be nice to see how it looks with their current jersey design.

I put together a quick, rough Photoshop, and it looks good together! I might actually be more excited about that than the new jersey.

Mock-up of current Sharks jersey with black helmet, pants, and gloves

If the Sharks are already wearing the new gear in practice, as the original Sharks tweet implies, it’s only a matter of days before we see it in an actual game on the ice. Stay tuned.

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